We believe the greatest luxury is personalisation. Each of our projects are bespoke to the clients with design at the forefront. We sat down with our design team to take a closer look at the trends we believe will make a big impact in 2024…

Slow interior Design:

Slow interior design, as exemplified in SETAG’s approach, is a burgeoning trend that harmoniously blends traditional timber pieces with contemporary styling and complimentary warm earthy colour palettes. Fusing the timber pieces together with modern styling is one of the latest trends to hit the residential interior design industry – a style we believe will stick around for a long time.

This design ethos celebrates the integration of personal cherished heirloom pieces and encourages a thoughtful, deliberate approach to interior spaces. At its core, ‘slow interior design’ embraces the idea of longevity, sustainability, and a deep connection to the past.

SETAG, with our expertise in refurbishing older yachts, exemplifies the essence of slow interior design – we seamlessly integrate original carpentry into contemporary designs, paying homage to the boat’s heritage while infusing it with fresh, modern appeal. 

With our beautiful Windy 37 project, this fusion of old and new was executed with finesse. A unique project that transcends craftsmanship – a vessel that now carries not just the weight of luxury but the sentimental value of family history. Our client entrusted us with the restoration and customisation of a yacht once owned by his father. Driven by a desire to rejuvenate this vessel, he approached us with a vision to blend modern luxury with the sentimental charm of the past. Now with his own children – our client wanted to create the perfect modern yacht for his family to enjoy with the sentimental memories attached.

Overall, slow interior design offers a refreshing alternative to fleeting trends. By honouring the past while embracing the present, this design philosophy creates spaces that are both timeless and deeply meaningful, fostering a sense of connection and belonging for generations to come.

Tiles & Pattern:

Tiles and patterns are making a triumphant return to interior design, particularly in areas like splashbacks and Heads. What’s catching the eye of designers and homeowners alike are the pearlescent and patterned tiles that add a touch of glamour and sophistication to any space.

Pearlescent tiles, with their shimmering, iridescent quality, bring a sense of luxury and opulence to interiors. Whether used as a splashback in the kitchen or as a feature panel in the Head, these tiles instantly elevate the overall aesthetic, infusing it with a sense of elegance and charm. Similarly, patterned tiles are gaining popularity for their ability to inject personality and visual interest into a room. From intricate geometric designs to bold floral motifs, these tiles offer endless possibilities for customisation and creativity. They can be used to create focal points or to add texture and dimension to an otherwise plain space.

In summary, tiles and patterns are not just functional elements but also powerful design tools that can elevate any interior scheme. Whether it’s the subtle shimmer of pearlescent tiles or the bold statement of patterned mosaics, these elements have the ability to leave a lasting impression, adding beauty and character to any space.

Earthy Colour Palettes:

Earthy colour palettes are taking centre stage in interior design, signalling a departure from the dominance of grey tones. In 2024, the focus shifts towards rich earthy tones and fresh warm neutrals that evoke a sense of comfort, harmony, and connection to nature. For marine interiors, where timber features prominently, these earthy tones beautifully complement the natural warmth and texture of the wood.

At SETAG, we employ a strategic three-tiered approach to layering these earthy hues, ensuring a seamless integration with the original boat timber. Central to our process is the recognition of boat timber as a foundational element that informs our material selections and colour scheme.

Firstly, we establish a fresh base palette that harmonises with the tone of the boat’s timber, by ensuring that the tone of any lineout (bulkhead and ceiling) materials are complimentary to the timber colour. This serves as the backdrop against which the rest of the design will unfold and build up a fresh base palette from this – ensuring a cohesive and unified look throughout the interior.

Throughout this process, we remain mindful of the balance between old and new, ensuring that the timber remains the focal point while the new materials seamlessly integrate with the original features of the boat. Sofa’s, headboards, and other upholstered items can fall into any of these three categories of material selection – each decision is just guided by the desired level of drama and the overarching design vision. In essence, our approach to earthy colour palettes is rooted in a deep appreciation for the natural beauty of boat timber and a commitment to creating interiors that feel both timeless and harmonious. By thoughtfully layering tones and textures, we craft spaces that exude warmth and elegance.

For those seeking a bespoke yacht experience speak to our team at SETAG to secure a refit slot with us or organise an expert design consultation aboard your yacht .