Explore below completed Design & Refit projects. We pride ourselves on our ability to produce high-quality factory standard refits within, on average, 4-5 weeks. Meaning we can still return your beloved new yacht back to you within just over a month, ready for your enjoyment.

All the benefits of new – at incredible value.


Squadron 52 – 2001

The Squadron 52, a beloved classic, had the bones of a magnificent yacht but required a significant overhaul to meet the high standards of our discerning client. The challenge was to maintain the vessel’s timeless appeal while integrating cutting-edge technology, superior materials, and bespoke design elements, all whist conducting the project away from our HQ on Lake Windermere.

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Sessa C35 – 2009

In a small yet impactful project, we focused on several key areas to completely rejuvenate an outdated, dark boat into a modern, inviting space. Specific areas were chosen to create a brand-new feel without a full overhaul. Enjoy the economic benefits and benefits in timing, by getting your loved yacht SETAG’d – to your bespoke requirements.

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Princess 54 – 2008

Elegance, style & now, timeless in her design…remastered 2008, Princess 54. We worked our magic throughout the entire yacht – The worn-out interiors of yesteryear have been meticulously revitalised to resonate with the contemporary modern way and will now stand the test of time with their lasting design.

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Windy 37 Grand Mistral – 1998

A unique project that transcends craftsmanship – a 1998 Windy 37 that now carries not just the weight of luxury but the sentimental value of family history. Our client entrusted us with the restoration and customisation of a yacht once owned by his father. Driven by a desire to rejuvenate this vessel, he approached us with a vision to blend modern luxury with the sentimental charm of the past.

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Prestige 500 – 2014

Creating a One-of-a-kind Prestige 500. Bringing an exclusive touch to this yacht, making her distinct from other standard or production built designs. We have optimised the use of space and layout according to the owner’s needs and preferences to perfectly aline with their lifestyle, whilst adding quality to the design and a luxurious modern feel.

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Portofino 46 – 2006

The pinnacle of yacht tailoring. Enjoy the economic benefits and benefits in timing, by getting your loved yacht SETAG’d – to your bespoke requirements. Have the boat of your dreams – new boat quality at pre-owned prices. Every design detail is tailored to your desires, resulting in a yacht that is truly yours.

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Princess V62s – 2014

Why buy new? Have the boat of your dreams – new boat quality at pre-owned prices. This client now has something unique, modern, looking and smelling like it’s just left the factory, for an absolute fraction of the price of new. Experience the thrill of owning a bespoke masterpiece.

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Princess 72 – 2014

Working hand in glove with our 2014 Princess 72 client to create something truly personal to him – achieving the utmost luxury. Discover the ‘wow’ factor – a personally-tailored experience refitting your preowned yacht with SETAG.

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Princess V55 – 2023

Explore this classic yacht, now intensified. With our expertise and team of specialists, you can Redefine your yacht to your exact taste and personality – with yachts 30 minutes, to 30 years old. The ultimate level of luxury is personalisation. The art of bespoke.

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Princess V52 – 2011

Discover how we Remastered a 2011 Princess V52 by transforming specific areas of the yacht to rival new from factory today and therefore lifting the entire look and feel. Throughout every stage of our refurbishment projects, we work closely with our client to achieve their personal requirements and tailor our designs to suit their needs.

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Hunton 38 – 1990s

Discover how we transformed a classic 1990s Hunton 38 built for speed and performance into a modern, head-turning yacht that now gives the ultimate thrill both on and off the water. Her appearance, engineering and mechanical elements were showing their age…thats where SETAG comes in.

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Princess 49 – 2018

This project is a representation of – New boat quality at pre-owned prices. we have transformed an uninspired bland canvas by breathing life into certain areas of the boat, to a very high standard, lifting the entire yacht through modern design, luxury materials and high end finishes.

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Princess 460 – 1999

A total redefine of a classic icon – Using the shell of the yacht and totally redesigning the original builders design and build. We took the yacht back to her complete bones to redesign every area, in a classic, art-deco theme to suit the boats era.

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Tomahawk 37 – 1993

This was a very comprehensive refit as it involved spraying the exterior paint work to the hull band and comprised of an entire interior refit to this 37ft showstopper – transforming the yacht into the coolest Tomahawk around. Whilst paying homage to the original boat, we have restored and surpassed its faded glory – introducing modern touches in keeping with the owner’s contemporary cool lifestyle.

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Sunseeker 75 – 2005

This Sunseeker 75 project is an extensive project to date with a very dramatic transformation – one which, like all our projects, we are immensely proud of. The project comprises of an entire interior refit – transforming the yacht into a contemporary modern space, oozing sophisticated hotel glamour. Discover new boat quality for pre-owned prices.

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Broom 370 – 2012

2012 Broom 370. Project Type: ‘Remaster’ – taking the building blocks from the original builder and bringing it up to a modern standard. Remastered at our HQ in Plymouth within 4-5 weeks. The owners desired a modern contemporary interior design in their very traditional, conventionally designed Broom.

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Princess V52 – 2011

This 2011 Princess V52 was Remastered in just over 5 weeks at our HQ in Plymouth. This refit project centred around the Saloon, Galley, respraying the entire dash and the exterior upholstery – involving an entire redesign to the Galley worktop and surfaces – transforming these areas and others into modern, beautifully designed contemporary areas.

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Targa 47 – 2009

This 2009 Targa 47, was Remastered within 6 weeks at our HQ in Plymouth. The refit “has given the boat a new lease of life…Coming on now, for the first time, we recognise it as our boat… but the smell and the quality of it, now it just feels like a brand new boat.” – The Hildyards, Owners. Discover the owners experience working with Setag.

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Targa 50GT – 2012

This 2012 Fairline Targa 50GT project was complete within just over 3 weeks on the owners berth. The soft greys, contrasting colours and textures of this scheme now bring a modern high-end feel to this yacht.

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Sealine F33 – 2001

We Remastered a 2001 Sealine F33 on the owners berth in Lake Windermere. This project predominantly focused on achieving a modern aesthetic through updates to the upholstery, carpets and sidelinings to name a few elements.

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Princess 61 – 2004

If there was ever an owner who has truly fallen in love with his boat all over again…it would be Jim. From the day we met Jim and Michelle, it was clear Princess Mitchie was close to their hearts and now “she’s got her frock on” – Jim Davidson.

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Up close of the side of a luxury yacht on the water on a sunny day

Squadron 42 – 2012

This 2012 Squadron 42 was in a good condition – her design was just out of date and not to her new owners tastes and requirements. We were called upon to create an environment equalling, if not surpassing today’s standards to ensure the owners fell in love with her again.

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Princess 440 – 1996

Claire, first launched in 1996, had been out of the water for three years when we got hold of her and she looked, smelled and felt like a 25-year-old boat. Claire’s new owners weren’t confident in the boats mechanical state and also felt like her interior state was unlivable for them – so we brought this 25 year-old yacht back to life.

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Fairline Squadron 58 moored at a Plymouth Marina

Squadron 58 – 2009

This interior redesign that not only compliments the original design elements of the Fairline 58 but also evolves it into a space both practical and timeless- ultimately welcoming a 12 year old yacht to today’s standards.

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Projects by Brand

The Art of The Possible

Concept Projects

Explore below concept projects we have put together to help you Realise The Art of The Possible.

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With SETAG, you can make a huge difference when you buy something secondhand, maybe a bit tired and then you put all of this beauty in it and you create what effectively is a brand new boat. Completely to your own liking, your own standard...creating the perfect boat for us.
Delighted SETAG customer - Squadron 42 owner
Brilliant concept...new boat look and feel at pre-owned prices - by the industry experts. Recycling at its best!
Briony Newington - Founding Partner, Fairline Yachts.
The great thing is, none of this is off the shelf - I love this boat and now she’s got her frock on...this is the best money I've spent.
Delighted SETAG customer - Princess 61 owner
If you want to redefine, refit and remaster your boat who better to do it than the people who designed it in the first place? "What a fantastic idea!"
Miles Morehouse – Marketing Director, Fairline
We cannot recommend the SETAG team highly enough. If you love your current boat, then for a fraction of the cost to change it, have it SETAG’d. The SY branding certainly helped us obtain a premium price. We got what we paid for her in 2017 plus what we spent with you!
Delighted SETAG customer - Targa 50GT owner
I have worked with Chris for over 30 years and I’m pleased to see him develop his own brand - along with likeminded people with industry-leading expertise. The future is bright for Setag Yachts and pre-owned yacht owners, who can now refurbish their vessels to today’s - or even tomorrow's standards.
David King - Founder, Princess Yachts.
That has been one of the key selling points for us – having that personalised service and having a boat that is unique to us – is standout in its own right. We are pretty blown away…very very pleased. I think it’s fabulous…it has transformed the boat.
Delighted SETAG customer - Targa 47 owner
The perfect way to open up a new market: the "true reflection of luxury". Setag gets it: simplicity and personalisation are key – with the depth of knowledge to deliver.
James Barke – Managing Director of Boats.co.uk
Setag are probably the only company who can carry out all the tasks as a ‘one stop shop’. Other yards were reluctant to price work and needed to subcontract many tasks meaning higher costs and longer lead times. If you are in any doubt speak to Chris and his team, they know boats like no one else.
Delighted SETAG customer - Princess 460 Owner
We have been waiting for this quality of service: a comprehensive, professional refit that we can rely on – because of the pedigree of its staff, with over 200 years' experience in our market.
Christopher Head – Group Sales Director for Sunseeker London Group
You have put Princess magic into our beloved Broom.
Delighted SETAG customer - Broom 370 owner
Never have I come across a more able collection of professionals in this market. We have complete trust in Setag, since its team has been in the business for as long as we can remember. We're very excited to welcome this specialist refit company into our portfolio.
Colin Capewell - Managing Director of Princess Motor Yacht Sales


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