Anna’s career has been shaped by her passion for interior design, particularly within the dynamic world of yachts. After studying Interior Design and Styling at Arts University Plymouth, she embarked on a path within the yacht industry. During her time at Princess Yachts within the Marketing team, Anna had the challenge & privilege of styling exemplary boats for several product launches worldwide, attending various international boat shows.

Seeking to deepen her expertise in interior design, Anna transitioned to high-end residential projects. There, she widened her knowledge of leading fabric houses, lighting designers, and had the opportunity to work with bespoke furniture craftsmen. This experience proved invaluable as curating bespoke furniture designs and space-saving solutions for luxury yacht interior is vital for SETAG.


Anna’s tenure in high-end residential design was enriching, but her heart has always been with boats. Joining SETAG has allowed Anna to fully embrace her passion and contribute to crafting personalised yacht interior tailored to our clients’ vision. “I’m proud to be part of a team that delivers exceptional, bespoke experiences with each project.”


During her free time, you’ll often find Anna exploring the local coastline, enjoying quality time with friends & family, and embarking on exciting paddle boarding adventures. Immersing herself in nature is a priority, as it provides the space for her mind to wander freely and sparks creative inspiration. When not on the coast, she indulges in another favourite pastime: walking on Dartmoor. She especially cherishes these walks during the changing seasons, when the landscapes unveil their dramatic beauty in vibrant colours. Living and working in the stunning South Hams fills her with gratitude every day. 

With SETAG, you can make a huge difference when you buy something secondhand, maybe a bit tired and then you put all of this beauty in it and you create what effectively is a brand new boat. Completely to your own liking, your own standard...creating the perfect boat for us.
Delighted SETAG customer - Squadron 42 owner
Brilliant boat look and feel at pre-owned prices - by the industry experts. Recycling at its best!
Briony Newington - Founding Partner, Fairline Yachts.
The great thing is, none of this is off the shelf - I love this boat and now she’s got her frock on...this is the best money I've spent.
Delighted SETAG customer - Princess 61 owner
If you want to redefine, refit and remaster your boat who better to do it than the people who designed it in the first place? "What a fantastic idea!"
Miles Morehouse – Marketing Director, Fairline
We cannot recommend the SETAG team highly enough. If you love your current boat, then for a fraction of the cost to change it, have it SETAG’d. The SY branding certainly helped us obtain a premium price. We got what we paid for her in 2017 plus what we spent with you!
Delighted SETAG customer - Targa 50GT owner
I have worked with Chris for over 30 years and I’m pleased to see him develop his own brand - along with likeminded people with industry-leading expertise. The future is bright for Setag Yachts and pre-owned yacht owners, who can now refurbish their vessels to today’s - or even tomorrow's standards.
David King - Founder, Princess Yachts.
That has been one of the key selling points for us – having that personalised service and having a boat that is unique to us – is standout in its own right. We are pretty blown away…very very pleased. I think it’s fabulous…it has transformed the boat.
Delighted SETAG customer - Targa 47 owner
The perfect way to open up a new market: the "true reflection of luxury". Setag gets it: simplicity and personalisation are key – with the depth of knowledge to deliver.
James Barke – Managing Director of
Setag are probably the only company who can carry out all the tasks as a ‘one stop shop’. Other yards were reluctant to price work and needed to subcontract many tasks meaning higher costs and longer lead times. If you are in any doubt speak to Chris and his team, they know boats like no one else.
Delighted SETAG customer - Princess 460 Owner
We have been waiting for this quality of service: a comprehensive, professional refit that we can rely on – because of the pedigree of its staff, with over 200 years' experience in our market.
Christopher Head – Group Sales Director for Sunseeker London Group
You have put Princess magic into our beloved Broom.
Delighted SETAG customer - Broom 370 owner
Never have I come across a more able collection of professionals in this market. We have complete trust in Setag, since its team has been in the business for as long as we can remember. We're very excited to welcome this specialist refit company into our portfolio.
Colin Capewell - Managing Director of Princess Motor Yacht Sales


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