Don’t just take our word for it…

Briony Newington the Founding Partner of Fairline Yachts and wife of Sam Newington, joins David King the founder of Princess Yachts by endorsing the work that we, SETAG Yachts, are already accomplishing.

Briony, who worked with our team member, Adam Greenwood, while also at Fairline for 20 years has seen enormous change throughout her time in the yachting industry and was the proud creator of the ‘Squadron’ range, which has become a firm favourite within the pre-owned market.

“Brilliant concept…new boat look and feel at pre-owned prices, from the industry experts” says Briony, who sees the benefits of what SETAG is bringing to the market by breathing life back into the models she created – “recycling at its best”.

Chris Gates our CEO says, “we spent many years competing to develop the best product, but the underlying concept has always been adding great value for money, which is the bedrock of SETAG Yachts.”

Now, there is no need to compromise.

David King, the Founder of Princess and Chris Gates’ forever mentor after working together for many years forging the way for Princess Yachts, shares a touching endorsement – “I have worked with Chris for over 30 years and I’m pleased to see him develop his own brand – along with likeminded people with industry-leading expertise. The future is bright for SETAG Yachts and pre-owned yacht owners, who can now refurbish their vessels to today’s – or even tomorrow’s standards.”