Over time, a helm station dashboard can begin to show its age – particularly if the boat has been in a hot climate for several years. Here at Setag, we believe all boats deserve to look and feel like new. A dash respray reinvigorates tired helm stations and leaves your boat looking modern and beautiful for many years to come.

At Setag, we can efficiently conduct a larger comprehensive project encompassing most, if not the entire yacht, or we can focus on one particular area. Often, rejuvenating a dash can be a stand alone project conducted on the owner’s berth.

UV Degradation

On this Princess V45 berthed in Swansea, the dash had been severely overexposed to sun damage which created an awfully sticky dash – potentially the worst our team have ever seen.

Using the original substrate as it was intended, allowed us to start again from scratch and apply the improved durable materials to fully restore the dash so that it will stand the test of time.

How long does a dash restoration take?

Transforming this back to new takes our expert team about 1 week from start to finish – the dash has to be totally stripped back to the original substrate before it can then begin the process of respraying step by step. Protection and preparation are a lengthy but vital process since, in most cases, the dash cannot be removed therefore the work is conducted in a makeshift tent aboard.

Wear and Tear

Modernised Helm

On our Targa 47 project, we completed a substantial remodel and respray to the console which was instigated by the desire to upgrade the navigation equipment.

For this substantial upgrade, we designed a completely new instrument layout with new dash panels to incorporate the latest state of the art navigation technology and VHF. We also resprayed the console to complement the fresh, modern refit of the whole yacht.

This 2009 boat now rivals the technology and luxury of a new factory build.

Why compromise when fitting the latest technology?

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