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“Why refit a modern boat?”

Some may wonder why we have refitted such a modern boat, being only 4 years old… she was in a good condition when we received her, however we have transformed an uninspired bland canvas by breathing life into certain areas of the boat, to a very high standard, lifting the entire yacht through modern design, luxury materials and high end finishes.

We showcased this yacht at the Southampton International Boat Show 2022 and fittingly, changed the name to ‘The Third Way’ as she demonstrates the value a Setag refit can offer.

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This project is a representation of – New boat quality at pre-owned prices.

Stepping on board, you would think this is a 2022 factory built boat.

The ‘Third Way’ is for sale with and can you can find out more below.

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Brilliant boat look and feel at pre-owned prices - by the industry experts. Recycling at its best!
Briony Newington - Founding Partner, Fairline Yachts.
If you want to redefine, refit and remaster your boat who better to do it than the people who designed it in the first place? "What a fantastic idea!"
Miles Morehouse – Marketing Director, Fairline
I have worked with Chris for over 30 years and I’m pleased to see him develop his own brand - along with likeminded people with industry-leading expertise. The future is bright for Setag Yachts and pre-owned yacht owners, who can now refurbish their vessels to today’s - or even tomorrow's standards.
David King - Founder, Princess Yachts.
The perfect way to open up a new market: the "true reflection of luxury". Setag gets it: simplicity and personalisation are key – with the depth of knowledge to deliver.
James Barke – Managing Director of
We have been waiting for this quality of service: a comprehensive, professional refit that we can rely on – because of the pedigree of its staff, with over 200 years' experience in our market.
Christopher Head – Group Sales Director for Sunseeker London Group
Never have I come across a more able collection of professionals in this market. We have complete trust in Setag, since its team has been in the business for as long as we can remember. We're very excited to welcome this specialist refit company into our portfolio.
Colin Capewell - Managing Director of Princess Motor Yacht Sales


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