Reflecting on the year – and where we’re headed next…

SETAG continues to grow from strength to strength and we are delighted with our position ending 2023 and we would like to thank you for your continued support.

To have SETAG recognised as the established alternative in people’s thinking when it comes to boat ownership, is a great achievement – and credit to our team.

The real drivers to our success are Value and Trust. Put simply: New boat quality at pre-owned prices…the fact that you can take a yacht that is mechanically sound, or fix the issues that you’re concerned about, update the electronics, and redesign the interior in a modern luxurious scheme to rival the new of today at a massive saving compared to a new yacht – and with a company that you can trust to deliver.

So where are we now?

This year alone we have completed 23 beautiful projects, taking our total since inception in 2021 to over 60. We have grown our team, opened a new department and completed a number of international boats – so we are thrilled that our service is penetrating the international market.


We are delighted by the interest around SETAG and our ever-strong enquiry rate. We are now part of conversations with individuals who consider buying new but choose to make a more economical and sustainable choice by purchasing a pre-owned boat specifically to SETAG, along with those who see the value in updating a loved boat.

As for the next 12 months:

We aim to consolidate on what we have done already, to continue to build awareness in the UK & internationally, along with building our capacity to support the demand.

Our order book for 2024 is strong, with limited availability to have your yacht refurbished for next season, but we are continuing to grow – so are confident we can return your boat in time for your enjoyment.

“Our relationships with people in the industry are second to none (due to the team’s collective pedigree). We have a growing number of positive advocates out there for what we’re doing. We see strong growth going forward, but we’re in no rush to get there – we want to build off quality and satisfied customers.” – Chris Gates, CEO.

Keep an eye out as 2024 looks to be a very exciting year for us.